Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Horse on the Ranch :)

I have had the best week! Chemo went well and the side effects were gone within about 5 days.  Alan was out of town for 2 weeks and that was during the time when I found out the news about the other tumor, had to get a transfusion, and then had a treatment. Mom was with me during that whole week and helped me after chemo. Usually, some time late in the day while I am still having chemo, I am called in to see the doctor. I tote the machine with me and go and talk with him. Last week they called me about 2 hours after I started. That means I had just started my pre-meds which include a heavy dose of Benedryl and other things that go straight through my port into the heart and are spread quickly. It's almost a rush and within 3 minutes I am out. I opened my eyes and I was out of control. I stumbled in there and by the time we were done I had told him that his artwork was ugly and didn't match a thing in his office and then I said, "Well, If you like it that much take the horses on the ranch and hang it over your bed! No one wants to look at that ugly crap!" That was after I asked him why he always buttoned his shirt up to the top button..."Doesn't that cut your circulation off because it surely doesn't look comfortable or like you can breathe." Fortunately we have a close relationship and I heard that he thought it was funny. That is totally not me but I guess it was the medication that didn't have time to wear off. At the time I was as serious as could be. Glad I didn't get kicked out of the clinic. Everything about that week was awful.

I was really glad to have Alan home even though I enjoyed girl time so much! We talked about sad stuff and happy stuff. Not that I'm not sad enough, we decided to look up "Saddest movies of all times" and then we wrote down some choices and went to the video store. Guys don't understand this but sometimes when we are sad we do this stupid thing where we want to be sadder I guess. lol. Really? Why do we do that? Are all women crazy or something?  We are down and we just want to cry more. I had someone with me all of the time...especially at night. We actually had a bunkin party one night and watched movies and laughed about old times...it was such a treat. The BEST part was having a clean house...no socks, underwear, tshirts and jeans laying in the floor making me mad!

Alan has a personality of his own. He is very picky about what he eats, everything is plain, he does his own laundry because he like the way he does it better, and he's weird about drying his hands on a hand towel...at HOME. Weird thing is...our house could go 2 months without being cleaned and it would not bother him one bit. So,there was a spotless house when he came home from his trip. Day 1, underwear in the bathroom floor...ok, no big deal. Day 2...the same. Day 3 and 4, after they are piling up, I walked downstairs..."Alan is this a joke? Really? Can you not pick up your underwear and put them in the dirty clothes?" He said he didn't think so, which meant...here's the battle of hard headedness...no matter what, he will not do it just because a big deal was made of it. Goes on...Day 5, Day 6...and I mentioned that it was really about to make me furious! This is 6 days of boxers just piled up in the floor. So the next morning I walked in there and he had them lined up perfectly from wall to wall with the rug in the middle. I stepped over that for two days and he finally gave in and picked them up. Last night, I went down and said, "Thanks for finally giving in!" He was in the yard all day mowing and cleaning the porch off and all sorts of things. I went up there and there are those sweaty clothes, arranged nicely, hiding behind the door.. No Sir! I didn't say a word. I picked those things up, that had been out with him all day through all that sun and work, and stuffed them in his pillowcase rolled up in a ball. He was putting Allie to bed and I kind of forgot about it. I was almost asleep when he came in and got in bed. He jumped up..."ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why would you do that crap, Summer? That's nasty, this is my pillow!" I just started bursting out laughing....YAY YAY...and the chemo patient wins again! He flipped over as hard as he could and went to sleep. I was so happy to be the winner of the hard headed game! There will be another round sometime soon I am sure. Those are such fun times that we always remember...I've even put salt in his bed after he put gum on the phone receiver. Lol

I scheduled chemo a day late because today is Allie's first soccer practice. I promised myself months ago that I would never let this sickness make me miss any of the important things in her life and so far I haven't. I always show up to the things that are special to her. I knew that if I did chemo today that there would be no way I would be able to see her tonight. I'll be off schedule for a while but I just want to be there for everything she does! There is no point in being here if I never get to see all the things that I enjoy in life.

Tomorrow is the day once again. I hope I don't act crazy to the doctor and knock a hole through the wall or push the computer off in the floor and rip the blinds down. :) Please pray for an easy week.

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  1. Prayers for a very easy week! Hope the soccer practice is great.